Allergy Info

I’ve started this website to share some information on something a lot of people have to live with; allergies.

Allergies are actually triggered by your immune system. This happens when you come into contact with something that most people have no issues with being exposed to, but your body and immune system do not tolerate it the same. Instead, it’s viewed as a threat to your body.

Generally speaking, the top allergens are foods, pollen, insect bites, and pets; but it is not limited to that. There are many things that can send the immune system into a hypersensitive response.

peanutssea of yellow rapeseed flowers

Allergies are not uncommon.

Many people are affected by allergic reactions. How your body responds differs from person to person. Some of the common mild reactions are hives and inflamed sinuses. A more extreme and rare reaction is when your body is sent to anaphylaxis, which tightens your airways and is quite serious. This is an emergency situation.

The symptoms you experience are really your immune system fighting back with antibodies. Even though what you came into contact with isn’t considered harmful, your body creates these to try and fight back.