Bee Stings

For the majority of the population a bee sting or insect bite is just a nuisance that is going to cause a few hours of bearable pain, but for some these stings and bites (because of the insect venom driving the immune system into overdrive) can cause mild to life-threatening repercussions.

If a bee sting or insect bite is something that drives your immune system into hypersensitivity you will most likely endure more swelling where you were stung than someone who isn’t allergic. You may also experience more pain, the site of the sting may be warm or hot to touch, itchy, or show bumpy spots. Some people can also have a full body reaction which can result in an outbreak of hives, nausea, vomiting, feeling light-headed or dizzy, and diarrhea.

Bee stings and insect bites can cause anaphylaxis in rare cases to certain people. This is very serious and requires quick emergency treatment. Not surprisingly it is said that 50% of the people who have a fatal reaction were not even aware that these insect stings were an allergen for them. If you have an allergic reaction to an insect sting or bite the odds are that if you encounter another sting or bite you will have the same or a worse reaction.

There are common types of insects that have the venom that can cause allergic reactions. Some of the most common suspects that cause these reactions are:

– Honeybees

– Yellow Jackets

– Paper Wasps

– Hornets

– Fire Ants

For people who are aware that they have a serious or life-threatening allergy to something, it is a very good idea for them to have an epi-pen with them at all times. An epi-pen is a quick source of epinephrine and is used to treat anaphylaxis. These can be life-saving in the case of an allergic reaction and are very easy to administer. Even if you are unsure if you’re experiencing anaphylaxis but think you may be it is advised to use the epi-pen. You will not be harmed using the epi-pen if it was a false alarm and you are not actually experiencing any allergy symptoms. It is always better to proceed on the side of caution when it comes to serious allergies. Epi-pens have saved many lives. I would urge anyone with a serious allergy to speak with their doctor about if this would be a good idea for you to carry.

Medical alert bracelets are a great everyday accessory for those with life-threatening allergies that they are aware of. If you don’t own one yet it is a great idea to think about getting one for yourself.