Trip to the Hospital

I thought I would tell you all what has been happening with me, and my gorgeous daughter because I found it oddly related. Besides one food intolerance my daughter has had no allergies so far (thankfully!). About 2 or 3 weeks ago my daughter got the flu, it was no surprise as she started daycare 2 days a week and in my mind daycare is basically a glorified cesspool of sickness that you pay large amounts for your child to play in. The flu went away but came back about a week later, again, no surprise on my end. After about 4 days of the new flu, I put my daughter to bed at 8:30pm as usual. An hour later she woke up crying, I went into her room to help her get back to sleep and was completely shocked to find my beautiful daughter looking, well, like a glorified children of the corn character.

Her face was COVERED in hives, likenot one or two, but covered and swollen with a red rash and white bumps. One of her gorgeous blue eyes was swollen and seeping out unimaginable things. My husband was away working in camp and the weather was so terrible. It rained so hard my basement was flooding. I am a new driver and had to wrap my daughter up and face the storm to get her to the hospital.

On the way there I was trying to figure out what had happened. Nothing had changed all week, no new foods, no new soaps, detergents, clothes… she hadn’t even gone into a new outdoor area. Despite the way she looked, my daughter was in good spirits but she was tired because now its bordering 10pm.

When we get to the hospital it was empty for once (WIN!) and we went straight into a room. The doctor came in and was not concerned at all. It was explained to me that in young children it is actually very common when fighting the flu, for the body to produce hives… just like in an allergic reaction. By 10:30pmthe hives had already cleared themselves… but my daughters eye was still bad and she had gotten pink eye. Any parents who have had a toddler with pink eye will feel my pain right now, holding down your child to put in eye drops is traumatic for all and I hope it doesn’t come up in a therapy session 20 years from now.